The children are reached through programs administered by selected institutions that care for children in need, at risk or in trouble. Our goal is to help them heal, regain hope and confidence, and get a fresh start in life.

Storefront Academy Harlem

thumbA private, tuition-free school in Harlem providing quality education in a nurturing learning environment from pre-K through the eighth grade. FAAFC has funded the school's summer camps and language programs, and currently contributes to the pre-school program.

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The Children's Village

thumbA residential facility for neglected, battered and abused children in judicial care. FAAFC currently funds family therapy programs, notably 'Project I.M.P.A.C.T.' (Intervention to Maintain Parents and Children Together) which counsels families in an effort to help reintegrate the children back into a safer home life, with a follow-up in-home support program and well-attended parents workshops.

Kips Bay Boys and Girls' Club

thumbAn after-school activity center, catering to thousands of latchkey youngsters, who might otherwise be out in the streets. Through an array of activities ranging from sports, music and dance to educational help and counseling, the club members learn to recognize and develop their potential. FAAFC supports teenage development and parent outreach programs, and recently participated in the expansion of the Cultural Arts and Weight Awareness programs.



The Association de langue parlée complétée is an association that fights social exclusion of deaf children by making oral and written french language accessible. FAAFC supports summer term camp for deaf teens as well as summer conferences and workshop for parents and children.

Tête en l'air


A parent association that counsels families whose children have been operated and monitored in Neurosurgery. FAAFC supports research to identify and relay information on needs of patients with cerebral shunts.

France Parrainages


France Parrainages works with children and communities around the world to help them build a better future. In France, FAAFC participates in "Parrainage", a unique programme that extends to various regions of France. The "Parrainage" teams up children from deprived backgrounds with local volunteers (who receive no financial compensation) , thereby helping them to develop their confidence and giving them a better chance in life. A very strong bond is usually developed between the adults and the children, providing children with a loving and caring environment, that enables them to fulfil their potential.

La Société de Charité Maternelle de Paris

thumbAn organization providing emergency help to mothers and children in need, and supporting a children's hospital specialized in Pediatric Cardiology.



L'Ecole d'Art au Village projects: "Paris-New York, Ville Imaginaire" and "Dessine moi la Liberté"